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Eat Em Up Probiotic Paste

  • Multi-Species Probiotic Paste is a stabilized source of lactic acid bacteria specifically formulated for dairy cattle, beef cattle, horse, sheep, and goats.
  • Suggested Use
    • Times of stress, including birth, shipping, ration changes, weather changes and following antibiotic therapy to maintain normal appetite, digestion, dry matter intake and natural immunity.
  • Sizes Available
    • 80 gram
    • 300 gram

Lyte Em Up Oral Electrolyte

  • Oral electrolyte is specifically formulated nutritional supplement for calves. When given as directed it provides fluids, electrolytes, energy and helps maintain normal hydration in calves during periods of stress
  • Suggested Use
    • Use during stressful conditions including ration changes, weaning or weather changes
  • Sizes Available
    • 5lb bucket- powder
    • 300 gram- paste

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