“I prefer Godfrey’s feed because it has been formulated by experts, it’s safe, and it produces excellent results. Their service is always good, whether on the phone or in the store. They’re always accommodating and a pleasure to work with.”
--Dr. Robert Stewart; customer for 8 years; uses the bagged show lamb and sheep feed

“I could go on and on about why we choose Godfrey’s. We’ve used their feed both for our Angus cattle and for our daughters’ 4H show animals, and we’ve always been very pleased. Our daughters have had a lot of success with their show lambs and heifers over the years. What we appreciate most is that all those guys,Whitey, Candler, Weyman, Brian,are long-time cattlemen. They’re extremely knowledgeable and capable. They understand cattle nutrition requirements and how they can change depending on development stage, season, and type of animal, and also what works with our local forages. Also, they have always supported the local programs like FFA, 4H, and cattlemen’s groups, and that means a lot to us. They’re more than happy to help and never bat an eye when we ask for a door prize or whatever they can give."

“Another reason we use Godfrey’s is that they are always super-accessible. When you need feed, you need it right away, and they make sure that happens. Sometimes I’ll be traveling and not able to get by the store before closing, and they’ll leave it outside the door for me to pick up. If I need something small at the last minute, Brian, who lives about 10 minutes from me, will bring it to me on his way home. Another advantage is that they are truly price competitive. I’ve shopped around some, and occasionally you might be able to find something a little cheaper, but if you have to wait two weeks for it, and then the guy comes and takes out three of your gates, it’s not worth it! Godfrey’s will get you high quality feed in a timely and professional manner, the drivers are courteous, and they’re usually priced better than anyone else out there. We recommend them to everyone.”
--David Gazda, Gazda Cattle Company and American Angus Association; customer for 12+ years; uses custom feed for Angus beef cattle and bagged show lamb and heifer feed for daughters’ 4H animals

“Godfrey’s feed is excellent, and they’re some of the best people we do business with. They certainly have the most knowledge in the business. They have technical expertise in feed and fertilizer ingredients. Their service is also excellent. They want to help you get the best possible price for any commodity,if the price for a certain commodity falls, Candler will call me and we’ll talk about incorporating it into our feed ingredients. They’re family run, not an impersonal corporation. I highly recommend Godfrey’s to everyone.”
--Millard Braswell, Braswell Cattle Company; customer for 25+ years; uses several different custom blends of feed for beef cattle, sometimes up to 10 tons a week; also buys all salt and minerals, some horse feed, fencing, vet supplies, and fertilizer

“We have been feeding our show lambs exclusively with Godfrey’s show lamb line,no additives or other feed mixed in,and we’ve had real good luck with it. In 2004, our lamb was named the state reserve champion. The grand champion lamb that year was also raised solely on Godfrey’s feed. We’ve had the chance to use other companies, but we have always been so pleased with the optimal results we get from Godfrey’s that we’ve never wanted to change. We also appreciate their service. They are extremely responsive to customers,if we ever have any special needs or concerns about feed composition, we just talk to them and they work with us.”
--Henry Hibbs, Oconee County Extension Office; customer for 26 years; uses store blend feed for commercial and show lambs; has also used feed for horses and chickens

“We like Godfrey’s because we can get quality products from dependable people you can trust and count on. We’re real happy with the results of the feed we use,both custom blend and standard; we’re completely satisfied. Godfrey’s is the best because they are local, and the owners are easily accessible. They stand behind their products and always do exactly what they say they’ll do.”
--Jason Sidwell, Sidwell Dairy; customer for 60+ years; have been using custom dairy feed for the milking herd continuously for past 4 years; also get all their fertilizer, other dairy feed such as standard calf feed, and most of pharmaceuticals

“We use Godfrey’s because it’s what works. We recommend them to everyone who buys a calf from us. We have raised many champions who were fed nothing but Godfrey’s products. We never needed to give them anything else.

“We like working with Godfrey’s because they understand the needs of a small business, being one themselves, and they will go out of their way to help you out. They’re not a corporation where you talk to a machine or a different person all the time,they know you and you know them, and they’ll work with you on anything you need. Especially now when times are hard, that’s very important to us.”
--Matt and Adam Shirley; customer for over 30 years; use bull test, show calf, beef cattle, hog, and horse feed; supplements; salt and minerals

“We’re very satisfied with the results we get from Godfrey’s feed. The cattle respond well to it and always get where we want them. The feed is consistent, which is important, and the service is great. They always get our order to us right away.”
--Tom and Tammy Boatman, JWR Land and Cattle; customer for 7 years; use custom-blended feed for Herefords

“I stay with Godfrey’s because they have good products and excellent, excellent service. I tried some other companies a couple of times over the years, and I always came back because Godfrey’s is the best. You can always get the right person on the phone when you call, and get an answer when you need it,it’s not like some places where you have to wait days for someone to call you back.”
--Wayne Williams, Williams Dairy; customer for about 18 years; uses both store blend and custom feed, fertilizer, and supplies

“We use Godfrey’s because of the quality products, and because you can’t beat their service. They’re good people who always get us our feed on time.”
--Chris Wallace, Bricton Farm; customer for about 15 years; uses custom feed for beef cattle

“The attitude of the people at Godfrey’s is great,that’s why you trade there. And they do a good job with their product. We’ve had very few complaints over the years.”
--Randy Daniel, Paritsover Ranch; customer for 20+ years; uses mainly custom feed and some bagged feed for beef cattle, fertilizer, and sprays

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