When you buy feed from Godfrey’s, you can trust that hundreds of years of experience plus the latest in scientific research have gone into producing the best possible product for your animals. Our expert team,which includes professional nutritionists with Ph.D.s,, works hard to make sure that each formulation achieves exactly what it is supposed to. We offer competitively priced bagged feeds and store blends for all types of livestock.

But we also know that one feed does not always fit all. Your animals may have different nutritional requirements from anyone else’s. At Godfrey’s, you can tell us exactly what your animals need to stay healthy and productive,or to win prizes,and we’ll create a custom feed mix that is just right for you, as economically as possible. If you’re not satisfied with the results, we’ll tweak the mix until we get it just right. Since our state-of-the-art mill is computerized, this formula is precise and consistent,it will be exactly the same each time you reorder. If you need to adjust it for seasonal or other reasons, we can do it easily and quickly.

We only produce your feed when you order it, so it’s always fresh. We can also run smaller quantities than many other suppliers. And believe it or not, our feed is usually less expensive than others.

Another benefit to our computerized system is a built-in protection against, cross-contamination. The computer is programmed to recognize ingredients that might be harmful to certain animals, and it will not allow feed for that animal to be produced immediately after something that contains any of those ingredients.

You can see the quality in Godfrey’s feed. Most of our feed is textured,a mix of ingredients,and you always know exactly what you’re getting because we list everything on the feed tag. We take extra steps to ensure superior nutrition, such as steam rolling corn to increase palatability and digestibility. Our computerized microsystem can measure out and add precise quantities of extra ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, and medicine. If you’d like to visit our mill and see for yourself how we make your feed, you are always welcome.

We pride ourselves on our quick turnaround time and flexibility. You will usually receive your feed delivery within two to three days of placing your order, depending on your location. We don’t have pre-set delivery routes; we schedule them as we get orders. We also have the ability to deliver to places where 18-wheelers won’t fit, if need be.

We try to make the ordering process as easy as possible, too. Come to the store or we’ll come to you for the initial consultation. Once your formulas are set, a simple phone call or fax is all that’s needed.

We don't just tell you what we have - we give you what you need