When you choose Godfrey's your winning animal is provided with the top of the line feed for competing in demanding shows. Get your animals on Godfrey's today so they can reach their full potential.


  • Formulated for optimal growth and maximum muscle development
  • Fortified with essential vitamins and minerals
  • Research Proven
  • Digestible fiber source provides a safe diet
  • Balanced combination of zinc, manganese, copper and cobalt
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Godfrey's Whitetail Deer Feed has thousands of hunters who use our products year after year and each one of them has seen the proof that our feed and minterals really work. The deer are bigger and stronger, truly trophy size! University tested and approved, it's packed with power and supports sound growth and development, optimal reproduction, and improved immune function, all resulting in bigger, healthier deer.

Godfrey’s 17 Point Whitetail Deer Feed

  • Suggestions for feeding:
    • Provide feed free choice to wild deer in a covered feeder. Feeders and feed should be kept as clean and fresh as possible. This product will not flow well through a spin type broadcast feeder.
    • If feeders and feeding sites are not established, start the feeding program slowly. Wild deer are not accustomed to eating from a trough.
    • For maximum consumption, keep feed as fresh as possible.
    • We recommend at least one feeding station per 250 acres.
  • Guaranteed Analysis
    • Protein 17%
    • Fat 2.5%
    • Fiber 12%
  • Technologies Used
    • Bioplex Zinc
    • Yea-Sacc
    • Sel-Plex

Godfrey’s Whitetail Deer Mineral

  • Suggestions for feeding
    • Minerals can be fed directly on the ground
    • All vegetation should be removed and mineral poured directly on the dirt
    • Minerals should be located in areas of high deer traffic
    • We recommend at least one mineral station for every 100-200 acres
    • Mineral stations should be replenished at least twice a year or more often if necessary.
  • Mineral Analysis
    • Calcium 20% (min) 24% (max)
    • Phosphorus 12%
    • Salt 25% (min) 30% (max)
    • Magnesium 1%
    • Potassium .5%
    • Sulfur .25%
    • Flourine .12%
    • Cobalt 50ppm
    • Copper 500ppm
    • Iodine 50ppm
    • Iron 3000ppm
    • Manganese 2000ppm
    • Zinc 4000ppm
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