Dairy Cattle

Fresh Start Cattle Feed

  • Formulated to provide the proper nutrition for close-up dry cows when fed along with quality forages. Includes the recommended protein, energy and minerals, while also including an anionic protein/mineral supplement, which provides protein, but also reduces the incidence of low blood calcium through the use of anionic minerals.
  • Guaranteed Analysis
    • Protein 18%
    • Fat 4.6%
    • Fiber 14%
  • Medication
    • Bio-Chlor
    • Megalac R


  • Non-Medicated goat feed formulated for dairy goats and dairy cattle
  • Guaranteed Analysis
    • Protein 17%
    • Fat 3%
    • Fiber 12%

Super Calf with Bovatec

  • High quality textured feed for starting calves between birth and 700lbs, can be hand fed or used as a creep feed free choice.
  • Guaranteed Analysis
    • Protein 17%
    • Fat 2.5%
    • Fiber 11%
  • Technologies Used
    • Bovatec
    • Bioplex HiFour
    • BioMos

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